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The DeFi Download covers all things about decentralised finance and crypto. Join us as we dive into the details on the projects and assets that are powering the DeFi revolution.

The DeFi Download

with Piers Ridyard
CEO, Radix DLT

Harmony - creating massive social change through scaling and DAOs

Gro Protocol: DeFi savings with deposit insurance included. Plus a little something for the DeFi degens.

Let's Debate: Is the future of DeFi single chain? Chad (THORChain) vs Piers (Radix DLT)

The DeFi Download podcast has a special episode today. Piers Ridyard of the Radix DLT and Chad Barraford of the THORChain project debate over the future of DeFi. Is it single or multi-chain?


Bancor: the original DeFi project on Ethereum

Piers Ridyard talks with Mark Richardson, the Bancor Protocol's Head of Research, in this episode of the DeFi Download. T


DAOhaus: the borderless social movement of DAO governance

BiFi: bridging all DeFi together, regardless of where it lives

Telos: the best bits of EOS and Ethereum, without the compromise

In this episode of the DeFi Download podcast. Piers Ridyard interviews Douglas Horn, the Chief Architect of Telos. They discuss the Telos EVM and the EOSIO development environment, as well as how to solve the Governance and Miner-Extractable Value problems.


Immunefi: hack DeFi the ethical way

In this episode of the DeFi Download, Piers Ridyard interviews Travin Keith, co-founder of Immunefi. Immunefi is the leading bug bounty platform in crypto, currently protecting over $25 billion in user funds.


Alliance Block: making DeFi work for institutions

In this episode of the DeFi Download, Piers Ridyard interviews Amber Ghaddar, one of the founders of Alliance Block. Alliance Block is working to create the world's first globally compliant decentralized capital market.


UMA - build DeFi without developing smart contracts

In this episode of the DeFi Download, Piers Ridyard interviews Clayton Roche, Head of Community Development at UMA. They discuss how UMA works, the Optimistic Oracle system and how it solves the Oracle Problem, UMA's KPI options, and how to create incentivized engaged communities.


Alpha Labs: Automatically finding you the best opportunities in DeFi

In this episode of the DeFi DownloadPiers Ridyard interviews Tascha Punyaneramitdee, Co-Founder of Alpha Finance Lab's.


Figment: Making crypto infrastructure run smoothly

InsurAce. Making DeFi safer for everyone.

In this episode of the DeFi Download, Piers Ridyard interviews Oliver Xie, the founder and CEO of the leading DeFi insurance protocol InsurAce. During their conversation, they discuss the various types of risk and the importance of coverage in the DeFi space, as well as what distinguishes InsurAce from its competitors.


Notoros: Build ANYTHING on Radix DLT

Join Piers Ridyard in this episode of the DeFi Download as he interviews Andrew Brick and Brendan Laiben, the founders of Notoros DLT. They discuss what it’s like to build on top of Radix DLT, sharding, scalability and how to solve the problems of the blockchain.


Harvest Finance: Maximise your DeFi yield the easy way

In this episode of the DeFi Download, Piers Ridyard catches up with Red, Community Foreman at Harvest Finance. Piers and Red cover yield farming, compounding and automation, the inner workings of Harvest Finance, and why anonymity in DeFi matters, despite cases of fraud.


Amber Group: Your Gateway to Crypto Finance

In this episode of the DeFi Download, Piers Ridyard interviews Annabelle Huang, partner at Amber Group, a global financial services provider that aspires to become the Goldman Sachs of crypto. 


How to market a crypto company with Jeremy Epstein

Jeremy is the author of three books about the intersection between blockchain and marketing. He has written nearly 1000 blog posts on the blockchain and the impact of crypto-economics and has served as an advisor to OpenBazaar, Dapper Labs, the cryptocurrency FAME, DAOstack, Storj, Arweave, Formatic (now Magic), SingularityNET, Zcash.


Terra - a complete ecosystem for the future of finance

In this episode of the DeFi Download, Piers Ridyard interviews Do Kwon, the CEO of Terra. Their conversation delves into Do Kown’s background, which influenced the Terra platform's conception and growth, as well as the platform’s envisioned decentralised alternative to the traditional financial system.


BrightID - Decentralised Identity, Governance and Universal Basic Inco

Join Piers Ridyard, in this DeFi Download episode, as he interviews Philip Silva, founding advisor of BrightID, which helps you prove your digital uniqueness. Their conversation ranges from explaining the inner workings of BrightID to delving into the feasibility of a cryptocurrency-based UBI, as well as what makes CryptoPunk NFTs so popular.

Listen - building a dApp guide for the world

In this episode of the DeFi Download, Piers Ridyard discusses with Kyle Lu, CEO and founder of, a cross-chain platform, where you can discover, analyse and use dApps built on blockchains such as Ethereum, EOS, TRON, WAX, and others.


Tellor: Decentralising data oracles to increase trust.

Join Piers Ridyard in this episode of the DeFi Download, where he interviews Nicholas Fett, co-founder, and CTO of, a decentralised Oracle Network. They discuss what makes Tellor unique and sets it apart from peers such as Chainlink.


StormX - Spend Money, Earn Crypto

In this episode of the DeFi Download, Piers Ridyard talks with Simon Yu, co-founder, and CEO of the award-winning crypto cashback app StormX that rewards you with crypto while you shop.


Pokt Network - Giving Blockchain Devs a Serious Helping Hand!

In this episode of the DeFi Download, Piers Ridyard interviews Michael O'Rourke, co-founder and CEO of the Pocket Network. During this interview, Michael describes how Pocket supports Blockchain developers to achieve DeFi’s Web 3.0 vision.


Potion.Finance: a new decentralised model for pricing risk.

In this episode of the DeFi Download, Piers Ridyard explores risk management solutions in DeFi with Potion.Finance contributors Alfablok and Buendia.


Paymobil: Venmo for the world

Join Piers Ridyard and the creator of Paymobil, Daniel Nordh, for a discussion on cross-border money transfers using stablecoins.


Deus Finance - Decentralised share trading - bringing Tesla, Apple, and GameStop to the party!

In this episode of the DeFi Download podcast, Piers Ridyard talks with Lafayette Tabor, founder of DEUS Finance. During this interview, Lafayette describes the features that make DEUS the Uniswap version of Robinhood.


Crypto Birb: What moves a market? Fundamental vs Technical analysis

In this episode of the DeFi Download Piers Ridyard interviews CryptoBirb, the Founder and CEO of The Birb Nest. Here they explore technical analysis, investigate the driving forces behind the latest Bitcoin bull run, and delve into the cyclical nature and fluctuations of the markets, and how they are affected by human behaviour.


StakerDAO – building the Vanguard of crypto

In this episode of the DeFi Download, Piers Ridyard talks with Jonas Lamis, founder of StakerDAO and CEO of Staker Services Ltd. They discuss the vision of StakerDAO, their cross-chain approach, governance model, and DeFi products, assets, and services that exist outside of Ethereum.


Sovryn: Making your Bitcoin do DeFi

Listen to the conversation between the DeFi Download host Piers Ridyard, and Edan Yago and Ororo Munroe, both contributors to the decentralised Bitcoin trading and lending platform Sovryn. Their discussion revolves around the features of Sovryn and the capacity of the Bitcoin ledger to embrace the functionalities of DeFi without altering its main chain.


Democracy Earth: Voting Without Identity? Governance and Democracy in the Digital Age.

In this episode of the DeFi Download, Piers Ridyard interviews Santiago Siri, founder of Democracy Earth Foundation. Their discussion revolves around the concept of democracy, identity, and new systems of governance and decision-making procedures informed by blockchain protocols and communities that transcend national borders.


dHedge: Advanced DeFi trading made easy

Quantstamp: Code, sleep, audit, repeat!

mStable: Make Money Make Money

Join Piers Ridyard, CEO of Radix, in his conversation with James Simpson, co-founder of mStable. This episode of the DeFi Download podcast focuses on unwrapping how the mStable protocol works by examining its various products, the mUSD token, MINT, SWAP, SAVE, and EARN.


Aragon: Let’s build a new country!

In this episode of DeFi Download, Piers interviews Luis Cuente, Co-Founder & Core Contributor of the Aragon project, which gives internet communities unprecedented power to organise around shared values and resources. They talk about Decentralised Autonomous Organizations, decentralised governance and dispute resolution mechanisms, as well as how to build a better Uber.


Messari: Show me the token lockup!

Nexus Mutual: Cover me, I'm going in!

In this episode of DeFi Download, listen to Piers and Hugh Karp, the founder of Nexus Mutual, as they delve into insurance’s decentralised alternatives. They address risk-sharing and the use of mutuals in place of more conventional forms of insurance.


Polymath: Regulated securities on public ledger - it's happening!

In this episode of DeFi Download, join Piers and Trevor Koverko, founder of Polymath, as they explore the realm of digital securities on the blockchain. They discuss security tokens and their components, market infrastructure problems, cross-jurisdictional regulatory compliance, identity concerns and permissioned blockchains.


IDEX: Supercharging Decentralised Exchanges

In this episode of DeFi Download, Alex Wearn, co-founder and CEO of IDEX, joins our host and CEO of Radix, Piers Ridyard. Listen to their talk as they discuss centralised and decentralised exchanges, IDEX's journey in becoming the world's most advanced cryptocurrency exchange and topics such as yield farming and composability.


Balancer: How to auto-balance your crypto portfolio.

In this DeFi Download episode Piers Ridyard talks with Fernando Martinelli, co-founder and CEO of Balancer, a protocol for programmable liquidity. Piers and Fernando discuss concepts such as portfolio rebalancing, smart pools, proof of liquidity, and the difference between yield farming and liquidity mining.


0x: The world’s liquidity protocol

In this episode of DeFi Download, Piers Ridyard is joined by Clay Robbins, Head of Growth at 0x Labs. Their discussion focuses on decentralised exchange and the regulatory challenges of the blockchain.


Ren Protocol: bringing Bitcoin and DeFi together with trustless crypto magic.

Join Piers Ridyard as he talks to Ren CEO, Loong Wang to uncover the magic behind integrating with DeFi protocols, wrapping-free!


Aave: Decentralised Debt and the Ghost Protocol

On this episode of the DeFi Download, join Piers Ridyard and Stani Kulechov CEO and founder, Aave as they discuss decentralised debt and the ghost protocol.


Solving crypto's problem with people!

On this episode of The DeFi Download, Piers speaks with Matthew Wright of Argent about how Argent are seeking to make DeFi accessible to anyone, and bringing a user experience to the non-custodial wallet that was previously thought to be impossible.


DeFi Roundtable: The Path to Decentralisation

Our exclusive roundtable with leading members of the DeFi community, discussing various aspects down the path to decentralization.


Debt IS money. Really.

Join Piers Ridyard on the DeFi Download talking to Greg Diprisco of MakerDAO about lending, debt and the future of both.


Bringing Funds to Cryptoland: DeFi edition.

In this episode of The Defi Download Piers Ridyard talks with Mona El Isa, co-founder of Melon Protocol and founder of Avantgarde Finance about the expansion of DeFi and asset management on chain


Vitalik Buterin walks into a room...

In this episode of Defi Download Piers Ridyard speaks with David Johnston, managing director of Yeoman’s Capital and the person who coined the term Dapp about the growth of the cryptocurrency and the blockchain space.


Hashgraph vs Bitcoin: A battle of Governance & Decentralisation

In this episode of Defi Download, Piers Ridyard speaks with Tom Trowbridge, co-founder of the Fluence Project and former president of Hedera Hashgraph about governance models in decentralised systems – particularly BTC and HBAR


$72k Bitcoin with Willy Woo

Piers Ridyard and Willy Woo discussing different pricing models used to value crypto and why Bitcoin can see 72k USD at the top of the next cycle